cuppedcatsI have taken it upon myself to do some digging on the subject of cuteness!  What is cute? 

Does cute have a specific definition or is it totally in the eye of the beholder?  I tend to lean towards the latter based on the amount of things I have been told are cute which I find to be quite the opposite. 

Obviously babies and animals top the list in all things cute, but what else is there?  I have been told cuteness can take the form of food, plants, vehicles, and buildings.  I was even told once that a trailer being towed by a bus was cute!  Obviously just about anything can be considered cute by certain people. 

That is where you come in!  Could you please send me a photo or two of the cutest things you can think of, to cutestuff@adollartube.com and/or leave me a comment below telling me what you consider to be cute.  Who is the cutest celebrity you know of?  what makes something cute?  how would you describe cuteness in a nutshell? anything you can think of which may be of help to me as research!

 Your assistance would be truly appreciated!

Here are some of the photos I have already had tagged as cute!  I have ABSSOLUTELY NO IDEA how some of them could be classed as cute but……….

Cute-BabyCute girlrobot-watch-is-cutepoodog-cute-babycute-salt-n-pepper-shakers-awwwcute-pig11cute-food-panda-soupCute-circus-bearcute skullcute190hqcrash-2028-1-_tplqCute hamburger cupcakescute carcute08121351842v1_350x350_Front


~ by hammerntongs on August 1, 2009.

6 Responses to “WHAT IS CUTE???”

  1. Great cute pics!

  2. I think the bear licking the man, and the bowl of soup are my favorities! 🙂

  3. Well this is a very mixed bag, but I recognize a few of these photos, I surely do… 😉

    • That’s not really surprising as these images were Googled by me. They are all classed as cute….. I just don’t get some…. most of them!

  4. Oh, those poor, unblinking pandas, paralyzed with fear, unable to look away from the horror that is about to consume them! Another reason to be a vegetarian. 😉

    Cute: the kittens, the puppy, the piglets, the pandas (yeah, just the whimsical composition in my perception), and the car. To me, cute can equal unique…very different. It doesn’t *have* to, but often does. Cute can also mean that it possesses features one finds endearing, such as an ecologist (think tree-hugging philosopher-types) thinking a wee li’l car is darling, just absolutely fantas…er… And cute can merely mean something which, for reasons you don’t know or can’t explain, appeals to something “bright” in you…it makes you feel lighter. Kinda like love. When you *really* get down to it, how do you explain the feeling of love? You prove your love through your actions, but that doesn’t tell you exactly what the feeling of the…thing…is. These are things that are your truth, and if you’re fortunate enough to share them with others, wonderful. If not, you will be labeled as a black sheep, the proverbial different drumming-dancer. Embrace that inner black sheep, let loose that inner dancer. Namaste’.

  5. Ahhh Craig ME lol

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